The General Nonpoint Source program offers communities affordable financing for a variety of nonpoint source water quality projects.

Eligible Projects

Projects include but are not limited to: 
  • Stream stabilization 
  • Permeable pavers
  • Bioretention Cells
  • Stormwater wetland construction or retrofit
  • Landfill closure 
  • Remediation of underground or aboveground storage tanks 

Eligible Applicants 

  • Applicant must be an owner of record or demonstrate long-term control of the project area
  • Applicant must have a funding source for repayment of a CWSRF loan and the ability to issue a bond

Loan Terms 

  • Loan amount can be up to 100% of the project costs 
  • Minimum loan of $5,000 
  • Loan terms can be up to 20 years 

GNS Application and Project Process

  1. Pre-application consultation
    1. Prior to applying please contact the DNR SRF Nonpoint Source Program Manager to discuss the application process. 
    2. A technical consultant (e.g. DNR engineer, IDALS urban conservationist) may also review the design concept before or after application submission to confirm the project will result in water quality protection or improvement.
  2. Submit application to
    1. Applications are reviewed for completeness and GNS program eligibility 
    2. Updates to the application may be requested to clarify project concept and associated eligible costs
  3. Proposed practice is approved as eligible and the project is included on the draft PPL to be approved by the Environmental Protection Commission

  4. Final plans and specifications are submitted to DNR Project Manager for preliminary eligibility review
    1. SRF Nonpoint Front-Ends must be included in final specifications in the bid document package 
    2. Final plans and specifications may be submitted to a technical consultant for review
    3. The DNR Project Manager issues a Final Plans and Specifications Letter to applicant identifying eligible and non-eligible line items
  5. Project goes to bid and is awarded

  6. The DNR Project Manager reviews bid award and issues an Eligibility Letter identifying SRF eligible costs of project

  7. Applicant submits Construction Loan Application to Iowa Finance Authority