The General Non-Point Source program offers landowners affordable financing for a variety of water quality projects. 
Eligible Projects
Projects include but are not limited to: 
  • Landfill closure 
  • Remediation of storage tanks 
  • Restoration of wildlife habitat 
  • Stream bank stabilization 
  • Wetland flood prevention areas 
  • Source Water Protection Practices 
  • Stormwater Best Management Practices
Eligible Applicants 
  • Must be an owner of record or have long-term control of the property where the project is to be implemented. 
Loan Terms 
  • Loan amount can be up to 100% of the project costs 
  • Minimum loan of $5,000 
  • Loan terms can be up to 20 years 
Application Process  
  1. Project Application  
    Complete General Non-Point Source application with your authorized signature and submit to the DNR.  
  2. DNR Evaluation
    The DNR will evaluate your application. If approved, DNR will sign off on the application, indicating that the DNR agrees that the project will protect or improve water quality, and return it to you.  
    If EPC approval is needed, DNR will include the project in a quarterly project priority list. DNR may schedule a project initiation conference call with all parties if needed.
  3. Plans and Specifications 
    Once the project concept has been approved, the applicant may submit the plans and specifications to DNR for review.  
    DNR may request 60% plans and specifications and applicable design review checklist. Final plans and specifications must include the required SRF front-end documents. 
    DNR will review and provide a list of pre-approved items.  
    When the final plans and specifications are approved, DNR will sign off on this application form. 
    Project owner is responsible for obtaining all applicable permits. This application approval does not constitute a permit.
  4. Bidding 
    Applicant must follow all applicable State of Iowa bidding laws.  
    When the applicant has identified the lowest responsible bidder, applicant must use the SRF Bid Document Checklist to submit a packet of bid documents to DNR for review. DNR issues a letter of concurrence in award and delineates the eligible costs for the project. 
  5. Loan Application
    Once the final costs for the project are determined, the applicant submits a loan application to IFA and works with bond counsel to execute a loan agreement. 
  6. Construction
    During construction all change orders must be submitted to DNR for approval. 
  7. Loan Disbursement
    Submit incurred costs, including reimbursement requests and detailed invoices, to IFA for loan disbursements. 
  8. Loan Closeout and Repayment
    When the project is complete you must notify DNR to schedule a final inspection.