Iowa's Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF) is the best choice to finance the design and construction of drinking water systems to help ensure public health and provide safe drinking water for Iowans. 

Step-by-Step Process Overview


  • An IUP application must be submitted to request inclusion on the DWSRF IUP.
  • Projects must be on an approved IUP to be eligible for funding. The IUP Application is not an application for a loan.
  • Once the project is listed on an approved IUP, it is eligible to apply for an SRF loan.
  • The IUP schedule and construction loan application is available here.
Program Guidance
The water supply construction manual is a step by step guide to the process of planning and permitting a drinking water project, with instructions for participating in the Drinking Water Loan Program. 
Project Ranking
The DWSRF project scoring system addresses health risks, rule compliance and infrastructure needs, including criteria for loan eligibility. The criteria uses a point system based on Maximum Contaminant Level violations, system vulnerability, infrastructure improvement needs, population and design deficiencies. Every DWSRF project is scored and ranked, the DWSRF is currently able to fund all eligible projects.
Program Resources
Intended Use Plan Information

The SRF allowed the City of Stacyville to make the necessary improvements to our infrastructure when it was needed. 
Harlan Bisbee
City Clerk, Stacyville

Program Contacts

Gabe Lee 515-725-2990 or 
Taroon Bidar 515-725-0278
Iowa Department of Natural Resources
Water Supply Engineering                       

Water Quality Team
Iowa Finance Authority