FY 2013-14 Program Summary

Applications were due July 19, 2013 for the first round of Water Resource Restoration Sponsored Projects.  Applications were received from 32 wastewater utilities for a total of $36 million worth of watershed projects.  Only complete applications were considered.  The Environmental Protection Commission approved funding recommendations that included 23 projects totaling $13 million. 

EPC Approved Projects 10/14/2013

Full Applications

Water Resource Restoration Sponsored Projects Manual

Step by Step Overview with Links to Manual Materials (Powerpoint)

Senate File 388 was approved by the Iowa General Assembly with zero "no" votes and signed by the Governor on April 24, 2013, allowing best management practices involving parking lots (e.g. permeable paving).

Workshop Materials:  Applicants were required to attend an application workshop.

A webcast for conservation professionals was held May 15, 2013 through the Iowa Learning Farms webinar series.  Click to view and hear the recorded webcast.