In the federal budget passed by Congress on January 17, 2014, a "Use of American Iron and Steel" requirement for certain State Revolving Fund (SRF) loans was imposed. If you meet any of the following criteria, American Iron and Steel (AIS) does NOT affect your project:
     -Your SRF loan was executed before January 17, 2014;     

     -Your construction permit was issued before January 17, 2014;

     -Your project is considered a Section 319, nonpoint source practice.

All other projects may need to comply with the new AIS requirements.  However, because there are several exemptions and waivers, you must check with your DNR project manager for a determination.

For the final EPA guidance, information on waivers, and additional resources, click here.

Iowa SRF Resources

De Minimus Spreadsheet for Submission with Bids:  For use by bidder to indicate intent and ability to comply with AIS requirements.

Final De Minimus Spreadsheet:  For documentation of final materials costs and percent of materials claimed under De Minimus waiver.

Certification Letter Template: To show the key elements required from a letter of certification from a manufacturer

Slides from October 2015 AIS Training Workshop:  Workshop presented by U.S. EPA and Iowa SRF

For AIS questions, please contact Theresa Enright, 515-725-0498 or