February 19, 2021

The required SRF Front-End Documents have been updated and are now available for use. All SRF projects bidding in February 2021 and after will be required to use the updated SRF Front-End Documents. Please note the addition of a new requirement addressed as Attachment 10.

If you have downloaded a previous version of these documents, please replace them with the January 2021 updates for CWSRF and DWSRF infrastructure projects; and the February 2021 updates for CWSRF nonpoint source projects (including Sponsored Projects).

The updated forms can be found on: 

DNR website (right click to open link)

CWSRF Exhibit 12a: https://www.iowadnr.gov/Environmental-Protection/Water-Quality/Wastewater-Construction/Construction-Permits

DWSRF Exhibit 7A: https://www.iowadnr.gov/Environmental-Protection/Water-Quality/Water-Supply-Engineering/State-Revolving-Loan-Fund


SRF website

SRF Forms: http://www.iowasrf.com/about_srf/srf_exhibits_for_water_and_wastewater_manuals.cfm

Sponsored Project Manual: http://www.iowasrf.com/about_srf/sponsored-project-manual/


Questions regarding the SRF Front-End Documents can be addressed to Theresa Enright, SRF Coordinator at 515-725-0498 or theresa.enright@dnr.iowa.gov.