March 17, 2021

The following State Revolving Fund (SRF) Forms have been updated. These forms can be found on both the SRF website and the DNR website. If you have downloaded a previous version of the documents, please replace them with the versions dated 2021.

SRF Website on the SRF Forms page and Sponsored Project Manual Page


CWSRF DNR website: 

(Exhibit 5) Environmental Review Checklist

(Exhibit 12a) SRF Front-End Documents

(Exhibit 13) Bid Document Checklist


DWSRF DNR website: 

(Exhibit 4) Environmental Review Checklist

(Exhibit 7A) SRF Front-End Documents

(Exhibit 9) Bid Document Checklist


Questions regarding the SRF form updates can be addressed to Theresa Enright, SRF Coordinator at 515-725-0498 or