National Information Management System (NIMS)

As opposed to the CBR and PBR databases, which collect information by project, NIMS provides aggregate data per fiscal year and cumulatively for the programs.
To meet the CW and DW NIMS deadlines in August of each year, the DNR Grant Manager:
       Compiles data using sources such as CBR and PBR, IFA financial information, federal draws, project spreadsheets, nonpoint source reports, and W/Wisard.
       Reports data via EPA database except for fields that are entered by EPA.
Annual Reports
DNR and IFA prepare the annual reports to both satisfy EPA reporting requirements and to provide a publicly accessible document to illustrate the programs’ goals, accomplishments, and services.
To prepare the Annual Reports for submission by September 30 of each year:
       IFA and DNR Grant Manager prepare CW and DW Exhibits using sources such as NIMS, CBR and PBR, IFA financial information, project spreadsheets, nonpoint source reports, and W/Wisard. 
       DNR Grant Manager send the exhibits to the DNR SRF Coordinator at least three weeks before the deadline for annual report submission.
       DNR SRF Coordinator prepares project narrative, using data from the exhibits to prepare graphs and charts.
       DNR SRF Coordinator sends draft for review at least two weeks before submission deadline to DNR WQ Bureau Chief, WSE and WES Supervisors, DWSRF and CWSRF Team Leaders, DNR Grant Manager, and IFA.
       Reviewers return comments to DNR SRF Coordinator at least one week before submission deadline.
       DNR SRF Coordinator finalizes annual reports, converts to PDFs, emails to EPA Region 7, posts on the web site and notifies internal staff and external stakeholders.