Municipal Advisor and Viability Assessment (DWSRF)

The DWSRF requires all applicants to complete a Viability Self-Assessment which covers the utility's Technical, Financial, and Managerial capacity.  All applicants added to the IUP Project List as of Fiscal Year 2015 for both DWSRF and CWSRF loans are also required to engage a Municipal Advisor to evaluate the system's Financial capacity.  Approval of viability must be completed before a DWSRF loan can be executed.
Water Supply Engineering Project Managers are responsible for:
  • Reviewing and approving the Viability Self-Assessment manual for each DWSRF project or for a system with multiple projects.  The project manager may use the financial information provided by the Municipal Advisor to supplement the checklist in the manual. 
The Iowa Finance Authority is responsible for:
  • Obtaining and approving the Municipal Advisor's financial analysis and forwarding to the WSE Project Manager for use in review of the Viability Self-Assessment manual.