SRF Front-Ends

DNR has developed sets of front-end documents customized to different types of projects. Each also comes with a bid document checklist for use by applicants. DNR Project Managers are responsible for checking with the DNR SRF Coordinator to determine which set of front-ends should be used by the Applicant.   If Davis-Bacon wage requirements are included for the project, the Applicant requests the wage determination from IFA.
These include:
       Standard front-ends for CWSRF and DWSRF projects that include new American Iron and Steel provisions (check with SRF Coordinator to see if project is exempt, then remove Attachment 9).  Bid Checklist
       Front-ends for equipment purchase only (with labor provisions removed). Bid Checklist
       CWSRF sponsored project front-ends (minus Davis-Bacon) and Checklist
Bid Review and Award Concurrence
After the Applicant has accepted bids and selected the lowest responsible bidder, a set of bid documents, following the appropriate bid document checklist, is submitted to the SRF AA.
       Prepares a bid review checklist (CWSRF or DWSRF) to ensure that all requirements are addressed. If anything is missing, including Schedule of Values, notifies Consultant. If DBE effort is not sufficient or well-documented, notifies Consultant to provide further effort and/or documentation.
       Checks for FNSI/CX and construction permit. Award concurrence will not be issued until FNSI/CX has cleared and construction permit has been issued.
       Notes whether or not any contract addenda are included.
       Send bid documents to Project Manager for mark-up of eligible costs with stickers indicating pages to review and sign off.  For CWSRF, the PM reviews the Certificate of Cost and Effectiveness to make sure it is signed and sealed properly.
        Prepares Award Concurrence Letter (CWSRF Template or DWSRF Template) and mails to Applicant with copy of EPA 5700-52A form, EEO poster, and Davis-Bacon information (as needed).
       Scans the following documents and emails to Applicant, Consulting Engineer, DNR Project Manager, and IFA:
o   Award concur letter
o   Bid review checklist signed by DNR Project Manager
o   Detailed bid accepted by Applicant
       Enters contract information into W/Wisard.
Change Orders
All change orders must be approved by the DNR Project Manager. If reimbursement is requested prior to approval, IFA may issue the reimbursement but continue to retain an appropriate amount of loan funds. All change orders must be approved before final payment is made by IFA.