September 16, 2016

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently released handbooks covering what is and what isn't eligible for the Drinking Water SRF and the Clean Water SRF.

Drinking Water SRF Eligibility Handbook 

This statement in the handbook sums up the purpose of the DWSRF:  “The principal objective of the DWSRF is to facilitate compliance with national primary drinking water regulations or otherwise significantly advance the public health protection objectives of the Safe Drinking Water Act.”

 Clean Water SRF Eligibility White Paper

This statement from the white paper sums up the balance between federal rules and state innovation in the CWSRF:   “The 51 state programs have the flexibility to direct funding to their particular environmental needs. In addition, each state program may have its own statutes, rules, and regulations that guide project eligibilities. This paper represents a set of examples of what may be eligible at the national level. Within these parameters, each state program will determine what projects and borrowers are eligible to receive assistance.”