Finding of No Significant Impact (FNSI)
Documents available for comment until end of the review period.  Projects listed sequentially by date review period ends.

Review Period Ends
SRF Contact
New Sharon Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade June 25, 2017 Tiffany Wilson Lillard
Pierson Water Treatment Plant July 2, 2017 Michael Sullivan
West Union Wastewater Treatment Facility Expansion July 7, 2017 Jean Mayne
Waukee South Outfall Sewer Extension Project July 23, 2017 Tiffany Wilson Lillard

Categorical Exclusion (CX) or Reaffirmation (RE)
Documents available for comment until further notice (minimum of 30 days).  Projects listed alphabetically.

SRF Contact
Davis City Sanitary Sewer System Repairs Michael Sullivan
Dubuque (English Mill) Water Meters Project Michael Sullivan
Fort Dodge Part D Additional Areas Sanitary Sewer Rehab Lee Wagner
Hubbard Sanitary Sewer Replacement/Rehabilitation Project Michael Sullivan
Keswick Drinking Water Main Replacement Project Lee Wagner
Manning Nishnabotna Sanitary Sewer Replacement Project Lee Wagner
Mount Ayr Supplemental Loan (Booster Pump Station Project) Michael Sullivan
Sheffield Water Main Replacement Michael Sullivan
St. Donatus I/I Reduction and Leaking Lagoon Repair Project Michael Sullivan
Waterloo Flow Equalization Basin Piping Improvements Lee Wagner

Attention:  For users with visual impairment, tagged PDF documents for the projects listed above are available upon request. Tagged PDF documents can be used with assistive technology such as a screen reader to communicate project information in an audible format.  Please contact Jean Mayne at 515-725-0487 for more information.